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Welcome to the Vancouver Island British Columbia information page. Vancouver Island BC can be described in many ways as there are simply so very many different aspects of this island that makes it so incredible. With a length from North to South of 460 kilometres (286 miles) it makes Vancouver Island almost the length of Ireland. Vancouver Island has a width from East to West of 50 - 80 kilometres (31 - 50 miles). This makes a total area of 31,284 square kilometres (12,076 square miles). Vancouver Island comprises 3 440 kilometres (2,136 miles) of coastline and is the largest island on the North American west coast.

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Vancouver Island has many different cultural aspects from the rich Native heritage to colonial English roots all the way to modern urban settings, there is a little of everything offered on Vancouver Island. Victoria BC is the largest city on Vancouver Island sometimes making people believe that Vancouver Island is called Victoria Island but that is incorrect. Vancouver Island is named after Captain George Vancouver. Vancouver had meticulously mapped the continental shore line from latitude 56 degrees north, in southeastern Alaska, to his assigned southern limit. He proved once and for all that there was no mythical Northwest Passage. It was a remarkable accomplishment, a tribute to Vancouver's perseverance, drive, and energy. Without Vancouver's monumental work, it is conceivable that the northern boundary of Oregon might have been fixed at latitude 54/40 North and Canada today would have no Pacific shores.

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Victoria BC, the largest city on Vancouver Island, boasts an amazing climate found only on the west coast of Canada. Our temperate climate of mild year-round temperatures provides a perfect medium for the green lush gardens you will experience here. Though Victoria British Columbia is filled with old world charm and European flair, there is excellent services to be had here which include some of the best dining in Canada, both modern and old world pubs, famous locations for afternoon teas, excellent shopping with outdoor and indoor possible and a host of activities to be performed outdoors. Victoria BC is the ultimate destination wether you are a honeymooner, a family, retirees or just looking to get away to a very clean and safe city in the Pacific North West.

Vancouver Island is such a spectacular vacation destination that it has won many travel related awards. Here are just a few of those rewards:

  • #1 Vancouver Island top North American Island - (Conde Nast Travel Magazine 2003/2004)
  • #1 Best Temperate Island Destination in the World - (Conde Nast Travel Magazine 2002)
  • #1 Best Island in Continental USA/Canada - (Travel & Leisure Magazine 2002, 2001 Awards)
  • #1 Environment and Ambience in the World - (Conde Nast Travel Magazine 1999)
  • #3 Top 10 Islands in the World - (Travel & Leisure Magazine 2001 Awards)
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Have you ever been to Paradise. You will find it on Vancouver Island in the little town of Tofino, BC. Where else can you experience temperate rainforests, abundant wildlife, long clean sandy beaches, beautiful surf and amazing people? Tofino, BC, is like nowhere else in the world, quite literally. As there is less than 3% of the world's temperate rainforest left in the world, just that makes Tofino one of the most rare places in the world. Couple that with the fact the city is at the end of a peninsula containing the world-famous Pacific Rim National Park and is in the Kennedy and Clayoquot watersheds, considered some of the most pristine wilderness in the world and designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

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In addition to Vancouver Island being a premier interenational destination as a clean, safe beautiful place to bring yourself and your family for an excellent vacation Vancouver Island also has an amazing selection of activities to interest and excite. We have some of the best whale watching in the world, the best salmon fishing, the best hiking, the best golf, the best SCUBA diving, the best skiing, the best backwoods camping, the best resorts, the best sailing, the best sightseeing, the best museums, the best mountain biking, the best boating, the best kayaking, the best of everything is right here on Vancouver Island.

Whatever you are looking for, Vancouver Island BC has something to offer everyone. Please dive deeper into this site to learn more about this incredable city or visit one of our other sites to learn more about Vancouver Island, Vancouver, Tofino and Whistler.

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